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For Nerds. By Nerds.

Music Recording

Representation Matters

We are nerds. Black, brown, white, male, female, trans and NB. We know what it's like to stand outside the neurotypical spectrum. And, we know just how important seeing people like ourselves is for feeling like part of the team.


When the people you educate see themselves in your organization, their engagement grows. And more engagement results in better metrics across the board. Higher performance, higher revenue, and, most importantly, happier, healthier people.

The Process

We Meet in a Tavern


Lets meet virtually to chat about your work (Though if you're close enough, I'd be happy to chat about it over a grog). Together, we can discuss what it is you would like to get out of the project, as well as what assistance you'll need.

Pore Over the Tomes


Once we've discussed your project, I have my resident gnomish scholar review the work in detail to avoid any oversights (edits you weren't aware of, narrative inconsistencies, that sort of thing).

Utter Words of Power


Once we're both happy with the script, it is time to invoke the passages aloud! 

If you prefer a hands-off approach, I'll hire the adventurers for you, free of charge. If you would prefer to approve the talent, I'll make that happen.

Identify the Loot


We go over the work and ensure that the audio fits your project. If there are issues with the audio, we update it to fit your needs. 

Entrust the Macguffin!


Once the work is completed, I put it all together in a carefully labeled folder and submit it to you!

Brands that Trust Us

The traditional hyundai logo, a transverse-sheared H encircled by an oval, which touches the H at ea
The traditional LG logo, a circle with an L and a G placed inside it, with a smaller L surrounded by
The traditional Samsung logo, an oval that is wider than it is tall, which has been rotated about it

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