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Audiobook Narrator

The Process

We want to get to know you and your project, then help transform it into a finished work, complete with an finished audiobook. 



To make sure that we're a good fit, I meet with you virtually to chat about your work. Together, we discuss what it is you would like to get out of the project, as well as what assistance you'll need to complete your book.



Once we've discussed your project, I put together a team that can edit and finalize your book, making sure that you are kept involved to avoid unpleasant surprises (major edits you weren't aware of, narrative inconsistencies, that sort of thing).



Once we've finalized the manuscript, I get to work creating an audio version of the book. I'll give you a completion time estimate based on the length of the work, then get to work!



Based on what we've discussed, the content of the work, and the results of our market research, I reach out to an illustrator who can put together an eye-catching cover for your book.



Once the work is completed, I put it all together in a carefully labeled folder with instructions on how to upload and submit your files to the various distributors.


Hot Air Balloons

For authors who are nearing the finish line and only need an audiobook recording.


For authors looking to have their audiobook narrated by a full cast of actors, a la an audio drama.


For authors who need assistance navigating the entire self-publishing experience.


Consider me a project manager. I find the people you need, do the market research to help you outshine your contemporaries, and throw in an audio version of the book, all within the package price. 

I've narrated for large corporations like Samsung, independent authors on Amazon's ACX platform, and everything in between, and I have the  voice acting experience you need to put together a professional product, while still keeping it light and relatable.

Whatever your book, it should be an extension of you.

Daniel Ryder, smiling happily as he looks slightly to the left of the camera

Get in Touch

Raleigh, NC


Thanks for contacting me! You should hear from me soon.

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